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All video clips are presented in Quicktime streaming format.

All CREDE products are available from the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL). Click on the logo below to see CREDE products.

Five Standards for Effective Pedagogy CD-ROM Series

This series provides an effective training program for K-12 Bilingual/ESL teachers that can be used in group trainings or by individuals. Several CD-ROMs portray the work of master teachers while others focus on the students, putting a compelling human face on the issues faced by English language learners and their teachers. To see clips and for details on the series, click here.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Lesson

One of our favorite lessons, featured on the Teaching Alive CD-ROMs and at Lesson Lab, can be viewed here.


engagingEngaging Students in Reading Comprehension Using Instructional Conversation
This video demonstrates CREDE's Five Standards for Effective Pedagogy through a reading lesson in a first-grade classroom. Filmed in a documentary style, the video shows a two-way immersion teacher instructing a small group of students in the reading process. The teacher displays comprehension instruction guided by clear academic goals. Several steps are illustrated such as connecting the text's theme to the academic goals, activating student background knowledge, setting a purpose for reading, eliciting cognitive strategies while reading, and assisting students to weave prior knowledge with new information in the text. Throughout, the teacher models Instructional Conversation-sustained, purposeful teacher-student dialogue that enhances student comprehension of text. (Peggy Estrada, 2004, $25). Visit the CALStore to order.

The SIOP Model: Sheltered Instruction for Academic Achievement
A new professional development video illustrating the Sheltered instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP)—a research-based model of sheltered instruction. Filmed in a documentary style, this video presents each of the SIOP's eight components through footage from the math, science, and social studies classrooms of six exemplary teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. (Short, Hudec, & Echevarria, 2002; 84 minutes, $75.00) Click here for additional details; to order, visit CALStore.

Helping English Learners Succeed: An Overview of the SIOP Model Video (VHS) (2002)
Helping English Learners Succeed: An Overview of the SIOP Model, a 26-minute video, provides an introduction to a research-based model of sheltered instruction. The video uses classroom footage and researcher narration to concisely present the eight components of the SIOP Model. This video will be useful to administrators, policy makers, or teachers. It also serves as a fitting supplement in teacher methodology courses. ($50.00) To order, visit CALStore.

Order the companion text, Using the SIOP Model: A Professional Development Manual for Sheltered Instruction.

Studies in Native American Education: Improving Education for Zuni Children
A teacher professional development videotape of best practices in the Zuni Public School District. Exemplars of the Five Standards are featured, as well as two additional standards developed from education research in Native American Communities: Modeling, and Student Directed Activity. This videotape also demonstrates elements of the CREDE instructional model, such as Activity Centers and opening and closing "handles." (2002; 41 minutes, $20)
See a five-minute demonstration of the video.

Pedagogy, Research & Practice
A 30-minute video documenting the progress of two secondary school classrooms in California that applied the Five Standards. The video contains classroom footage, interviews with teachers and students, and discusses the process of applying the standards and reforming classroom activities.