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A National Study of School Effectiveness for Language Minority Students' Long-Term Academic Achievement Final Report: Project 1.1

Appendix A: Sample Data Structure for Thomas-Collier Research Replication

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Stage 1 Variables -- Needs Assessment (The Thomas-Collier Test of Long-term Achievement Parity)

FieldField NameTypeWidthField Description
1IDNONumeric10Student ID number
2ORI_ST_CLACharacter3Original student classification: LEP=LEP, LM-not LEP=LMN, native-English speaker=NES
3DATENT_SCHCharacter6Date student entered school (YYMMDD) ex: Jan 18 1980 = 800118
4YRS_INT_SCNumeric6No. years of interrupted schooling (if any)
5DATETEST11Character6Administration date of Grade 11 test (YYMMDD)
6READNCE11Numeric2Reading NCE for grade 11
7READSCA11Numeric3Reading Scale score for grade 11
8MATHNCE11Numeric2Math NCE for grade 11
9MATHSCA11Numeric3Math Scale score for grade 11

Stage 2 Variables -- Focus on LEP/ELL Achievement Trends

FieldField NameTypeWidthField Description
10DOBCharacter6Student date of birth (YYMMDD)
11PROG_TYPE1Character2First program type (2D= 2-way DBE, 1D= 1-way DBE, TC= TBE Current, TT=TBE Traditional, EC= ESL Content, EP= ESL Pullout)
12DATENT_PR1Character6Date student entered first program
14AOACharacter4Age on Arrival (computed variable)= DOB minus DATENT_SC (in months)
15LORCharacter4Length of Residence (computed variable)= DATETEST11 minus DATENT_PR1 (in months)Length of Residence (computed variable)= DATETEST11 minus DATENT_PR1 (in months)

Stage 3 and 4 Variables -- Gap Closure and Program Effectiveness, Adding New Cohorts

FieldField NameTypeWidthField Description
16DATEXT_PR1Character6Date student exited first program
17PROG_TYPE2Character2Second program type (if any)
18DATENT_PR2Character6Date student entered second program
19DATEXT_PR2Character6Date student exited second program
17PROG_TYPE3Character2Third program type (if any)
18DATENT_PR3Character6Date student entered third program
19DATEXT_PR3Character6Date student exited third program
20DATETEST08Character6Administration date of Grade 8 test (YYMMDD)
21READNCE08Numeric2Reading NCE for grade 8
22READSCA08Numeric3Reading Scale score for grade 8
23MATHNCE08Numeric2Math NCE for grade 8
24MATHSCA08Numeric3Math Scale score for grade 8
25DATETEST06Character6Administration date of Grade 6 test (YYMMDD)
26READNCE06Numeric2Reading NCE for grade 6
27READSCA06Numeric3Reading Scale score for grade 6
28MATHNCE06Numeric2Math NCE for grade 6
29MATHSCA06Numeric3Math Scale score for grade 6

Stage 5 Variables -- Between-Program Comparisons with Extraneous Variable Control

FieldField NameTypeWidthField Description
30IMMIGRANTCharacter1Y (yes) or N (no)
31INIT_GRADECharacter2Initial student grade placement in school
32LUNCHCharacter1F (free), R(reduced), N (no lunch assistance)
33OTHERCNTR1Character3Other control variable #1
34OTHERCNTR2Character3Other control variable #2
35OTHERCNTR3Character3Other control variable #3

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